Riding Lessons

Our program focuses on ensuring each student develops a full understanding of the fundamentals of riding. From learning the complete grooming and tacking process, to understanding their anatomy to become a beneficial partner to their equine companion.


A single one hour lesson

Purchase each lesson at no commitment! Our instructors have flexible availability to fit your schedule, and the knowledge to help you succeed!

Rate Per Lesson:




A package of 4 lessons that does not renew

Aren't sure if you can stick to once a week? No problem! Purchase this package and use your lessons in your own time!

Rate Per Lesson:



A package of 4 lessons that renews monthly, keeping you riding weekly

Keep riding! Ride in a lesson once a week with our instructors to work towards your goals on a consistent basis!

Rate Per Lesson:


Leasing Options

Our leasing options are made flexible and affordable to fit your schedule and your budget!


Ride your favorite horse once a week on your own!

This lease enables you to 1 independent ride per week, as well as one lesson per month. Renews monthly until terminated. 30 day notice of termination required.

Monthly Cost



Ride twice a week on the horse of your choice!

This lease enables you to 2 independent rides per week, as well as one lesson per month. Renews monthly until cancelled. 30 notice required to cancel.

Monthly Cost:



Add more consistency to develop a great relationship with your favorite horse!

This lease enables you to 3 independent rides per week, as well as one lesson per month. Renews monthly until cancelled. 30 day notice to terminate required.

Monthly Cost:




At KB Equine, our philosophy is simple: horses are meant to be treated as horses. We believe in our herds being turned out to pasture as much as possible, along with constant access to hay to mimic natural grazing habits. Allowing our horses to live as their natural counterparts as much as possible is what drives our successful operation.

Pricing starting at $550 per month

Pasture board only available at this time - we do not have any stalls available

Yoga on Horseback

Try Equi-Yoga with our certified instructor!

Equi-yoga™  is a practice developed by Marty Whittle combining the benefits of yoga, breath and movement. These unique yoga based exercises are designed to help stretch, strengthen and create awareness of the rider’s body. Using these exercises in unison with your breath and your horse's movements, you can stretch and release tension from deep within and thereby achieve a better awareness of all individual body parts and their unity.
Specific exercises can target and unlock trouble areas such as the neck, shoulders, arms, back, seat and legs. By unlocking these areas you allow your horse to flow through you.

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