KB Equine is an equine boarding, training, lesson, leasing, and sale facility located in Connecticut.


Our farm's values are rooted in the equine's natural needs and understanding the horse from the inside out.


Understanding the horse

from the inside out


Our lesson program is very unique and designed to maximize the rider's position, balance, seat, and understanding of the horse's movement, and the rider's affects on their horse.

Our program is designed to help all riders; from beginners learning, people looking to get back into riding, or the seasoned rider looking to maximize their riding abilities.


Here at KB Equine, our philosophy is simple: horses are meant to be treated as horses. We believe in our herds being turned out to pasture as much as possible, along with constant access to hay to mimic natural grazing habits. Allowing our horses to act as their natural counterparts as much as possible is what drives our successful operation. 

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553 Laning Street,

Southington, CT, 06489

TEL: 203-710-2006

E-MAIL: kbequinellc@gmail.com

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